Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mucinex DM Is Also the Best Medicine

If you've ever seen the hit movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you know the bride's father is passionate about his home remedy, Windex. Throughout the movie, he touts it as his cure-all, from first aid for a skinned elbow to skin relief for a clogged pore. I, too, have a cure-all--Mucinex. In my opinion, this white pill is the OTC King, and here's why it reigns supreme.

I'm often plagued by allergies that like to lie down and get comfortable in my sinuses, thus making breathing through my nose a luxury, something as sought after as high thread count sheets and no waiting at the post office. In the past, I buckled down and went about life in a half-breathing, I-only-lust-after luxury breathing state. Thankfully, though, the great pharmaceutical overlords began manufacturing Mucinex. Now, if you're a generic med girl, don't worry. Mucinex is an expectorant--and the generic works just as well. One pill, eight ounces of water, and a sneezing fit later and I'm back on the luxury breathing track.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I recently found myself sick again. As my friend Paige describes me, I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. So, of course, I got really, really, really sick. After coughing for 10 hours straight, I mistakenly thought my sore throat was an allergic reaction in progress. But, after slurping down enough kiddie Wal-dryl to knock out a weaker woman, and I still hadn't found relief, I made an appointment with my doctor. After my coughing marathon, I walked into her office looking 99 instead of 29, clutching my chest as though I were a chain smoker and not a non-smoker. My doc, bless her, did not take long to examine me before she started writing out a long string of meds for me to take. When she mentioned my wonder drug, I perked up. But, there was a twist--lo and behold, my wonder drug has been improved. Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you...Mucinex DM...expectorant and COUGH SUPPRESSANT.

My doctor said, "I had the same infection as you've got. Mucinex DM saved my butt.* The DM will supress your cough so you can rest." I left her office and sped over to Target. I stocked up on all my meds, and she was right. Not only did this Mucinex expel the demons of infections raging through my sinuses, it all but muted my cough. Really, is there a better drug than Mucinex DM?

*I'm not making this up. My doctor really spoke to me in plain English. Don't you wish she was your doctor, too?


omglawdork said...

Mucinex DM is the BEST THING EVER. I was sick earlier this month (weird, right?) and I felt like crap until I dug out the stuff - Husband had bought it last time he was sick. OMG. I actually felt like a human again! Fantastic stuff.

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